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     # Extending with own info function
     >>> import specbar
     >>> @specbar.info_collector(42)
-    >>> def get_something(num):
-            return dict(square=num**2)
+    ... def get_some_info(num):
+    ...     return dict(square=num**2)
+    ...
+    >>> specbar.loop(format_str='Square info: {square}')
+    Square info: 1764
+    Shutting down specbar...
-    >>> specbar.loop(format_str='Square info: {square}')
 That's it now your own function get's called every 5 (default) seconds and
-the format string is displayed in the statusbar.
+the format string is displayed in the statusbar. The loop (when testing) can
+easily killed by pressing CTRL+C.
 Using builtin functions::
 Now every 15 seconds your Gmail account is checked for new mail and the
 result is displayed.
+Every info function must return a dict. All dicts where merged in a
+defaultdict to have no exception on missing keys. See the source of
+specbar.py for the returned keys of the builtin functions.
+In the source distribution an example.py file is included which shows
+the usage of specbar.py.