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export file-save

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-This is the stub README.txt for the "cl-taglib" project.

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 (defcfun (file-audioproperties "taglib_file_audioproperties") :pointer
   (file :pointer))
-(defcfun (tagfile-save "taglib_file_save") :boolean
+(defcfun (file-save "taglib_file_save") :boolean
   (file :pointer))
-;;; BUG: does not emit error if file can't be opened
 (defmacro with-tag-file ((var path) &body body)
   `(let ((,var (file-new ,path)))
      (unwind-protect (progn

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   (:nicknames #:taglib)
   (:export #:file-new
+	   #:file-save