====== Elaphe ====== .. note:: **Thomas Grainger integrated Python3 support in his fork, see** Elaphe is a python binding of Barcode Writer In Pure PostScript ( It generates barcode symbol as PostScript code fragment using BWIPP. The generated code is then embedded in encapsulated PostScript image which can be handled by PIL. Prerequisites ============== * Python 2.7 or later (functional decorators, ternary operator, and generator expressions are used). .. note:: Except `` test``, code may still work on 2.5-2.6. * If you want to render barcode into bitmap image, EpsImagePlugin of Python Imaging Library ( or Pillow is required. Note that EpsImagePlugin requires Ghostscript is correctly installed. Simple Usage ============= The following example:: >>> from elaphe import barcode >>> barcode('qrcode', ... 'Hello Barcode Writer In Pure PostScript.', ... options=dict(version=9, eclevel='M'), ... margin=10, data_mode='8bits')) # Generates PIL.EpsImageFile instance <PIL.EpsImagePlugin.EpsImageFile ... at ...> >>> # Show rendered bitmap will invoke some viewer which shows a QRcode symbol with 10px margin. Remember, barcode() returns PIL image object.