Correctly send Heartbeat even when a callsign is selected

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Hello, Name here is Bryan, KF1D. I don't think the following has been addressed yet.

Issue: If a callsign is selected (in the Directed To selection) and I try to send a heartbeat, it sends the following: KF1D: CALLSIGN HEARTBEAT LOCATOR I other words it includes the callsign that I currently have in the Directed To selection. When that heartbeat is sent, nothing comes back from other users.

Solution: If I have a callsign in the Directed To button and send a heartbeat, the message that I send should be a regular heartbeat request (without the callsign).

I've probably sent an incorrect heartbeat with a callsign 50 times now. Hi Hi. Sometimes I catch it before it goes out.

Thanks, Bryan

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  1. Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein

    Yes, this is annoying, but is it actually a bug? I haven’t looked very deep into this but the source code contains logic that seems to imply that “directed heartbeats” are a real, intended thing, e.g.

    If this is intended so that you can request a HB ACK from one specific station only (and all other stations can ignore it), that’s actually a nice way to check a certain )potentially unattened) station you are interested in can read you without bothering the whole crowd.

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