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demo has own build-system

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-OCAMLBUILD= ocamlbuild
+OCAMLBUILD= ocamlbuild 
 OCAMLFIND = ocamlfind
+.PHONY : ${LIBS} demo
-all: ${LIBS}
+all: demo
 install: ${LIBS}
 	${OCAMLFIND} install stringpainter META ${LIB_FILES}
+demo: ${LIBS}
+	cd demo; ${MAKE} all
+	cd demo; ${MAKE} clean
 <src/*.cmx>: for-pack(StringPainter)
+<demo/*.*>: package(stringpainter)
+let _ = print_endline "ArithmeticExpressions"
+let _ = ArithmeticExpressions.test ()
+let _ = print_endline "Lambda"
 let _ = Lambda.test ()
+OCAMLBUILD= ocamlbuild 
+all: ${DEMO}
+${DEMO}: ${LIBS}
+	${OCAMLBUILD} -use-ocamlfind ${DEMO_DIRS} ${DEMO}
+<*.*>: package(stringpainter)
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