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Welcome to the rst2epub wiki!

What is rst2epub?

rst2epub converts reStructuredText documents into epub files.

Get it

Download the sources or clone the repository:

$ hg clone http://bitbucket.org/wierob/rst2epub/

Install it

Change into the directory containing setup.py and run:

$ python setup.py install

Requires Python to be already installed. rst2epub is developed with Python 2.6 but earlier versions might work as well.

Use it


$ rst2epub README.txt readme.epub

Current status

rst2epub is in an early development stage. The current version can convert a simple (e.g. no images) reStructuredText file into a valid epub file with minimal required metadata.


Please use the issue tracker to provide feature requests, ideas, bug reports and patches.

See the README.txt for additional information.