opentdm-wff is a team deathmatch mod for Quake Ⅱ, forked from OpenTDM.

Changes from OpenTDM r182

New features

  • g_admin_max_ban cvar to change or disable (-1) the time limit on admin-set bans (in minutes), and a warning when the limit is exceeded.
  • Loaded maps' names are logged to the server console.


  • sv writeip aborts instead of smashing the stack when $game is too long.
  • Absurd g_match_time values (>= 600000) no longer cause a buffer overflow.
  • The “No info_player_start” warning doesn't eat the next line of output.
  • Internal error messages containing % are now handled correctly.
  • HTTP transfer rate is no longer mismarked as kB/sec.

Portability fixes

  • IP filtering uses uint32 and unions instead of unsigned and pointer casts.
  • Workaround added for “Bad SV_Trace” errors when built with MinGW.
  • Improved target- and compiler-specific macro usage.

Other changes

  • HTTP support via libcurl is enabled by default (make with USE_CURL=no to disable).
  • HTTP transfers don't spew debug or progress info.
  • The cheats cvar can be changed without reloading the map.
  • Version info moved to gamedate, and it and gamename are set at load time even if they already exist.
  • The HTTP User-Agent header is of the form “opentdm-wff/version” instead of “OpenTDM (version)”.
  • FOFS, STOFS, LLOFS, and CLOFS macros use offsetof if available.
  • Build-time dependency tracking, enabled by default if a Mecurial repository is present (make with deptracking=no or deptracking=yes to override).
  • Lots of unused code removed.
  • OpenTDM bug report instructions removed.