WEnotes consists of several parts:

  • harvesting tools for:

    • ASKBOT (special RSS feed)
    • blogs (db table of RSS feeds)
    • g+
    • identica (defunct)
    • Moodle instances (special RSS feed)
    • Twitter
    • GroupServer mailing lists (special RSS feed)
  • a Mediawiki extension

    • verifies user is logged in
    • saves local post
  • Mediawiki Widget for collecting local microblog postings

  • Mediawiki Widget for displaying an integrated display of all notes

This repository includes the client side tools for displaying and capturing notes. Check the WEnotes-tools repository for the harvesting/aggregating tools.

WEnotes harvests posts from a variety of sources and aggregates them in a CouchDB instance. Some sources are streamed in near real time and others are polled periodically. A Faye publish-subscribe messaging system posts the messages to interested clients.


  • to build the WEnotesClient.js and WEnotes-min.js, you must have uglifyjs and
  • to clone this archive, you must (after the initial clone) run git submodule init git submodule update and you must have uglifyjs (or uglify-js) installed and potentially update the Makefile to compensate for changing arguments (-o filename doesn't seem to work with recent versions, needing to be replace by a > filename)