Vafu is another Linked Data validator, a fork of the unmaintained Vapour original developed by Fundación CTIC.

Vafu checks whether semantic web data is correctly published according to the current best practices, as defined by the Linked Data principles, the Best Practice Recipes and the Cool URIs.


The project is still under development, refactoring, renaming, and analyzing 
the most important features to add. Therefore, the source base is not stable  
enough to be used in production, so the public service is in beta status.

The current beta service is available at


Vafu actually consists of two tools:

  • The validator itself
  • API bindings for some languages


This software was created by Fundación CTIC, originally written and conceived by Diego Berrueta, Sergio Fernández and Iván Frade in 2007 (paper at SFSW2008). Since none of the original authors continue to remain employed by CTIC, in November 2013 the tool was renamed to "vafu" in the transition to a community-supported product.

All people who have contributed to Vafu at some point:

The project accepts contributions under a shared copyright model.


The name "vafu" comes from the asturian version of "vapour", a tribute to the original project this fork comes from.


The source code of the project is available under the terms of the Apache License 2.0.