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dropcaps makes the first letter in a Wiki text big.

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Questions Answered By This Recipe

How can I emphasize the first letter of a text?


This recipe will add a special syntax which through you can make letter or even whole words looking more appealing.


  • download from source or via git git clone git@bitbucket.org:wikimatze/pmwiki-dropcaps-recipe.git
  • unzip everything
  • make the following copy-tasks:
    • put dropcaps.php in your cookbook directory
    • put dropcaps.css in your public CSS directory (normally pub/css)
  • now you should have the following structure:
    • cookbook/_dropcaps.php
    • pub/css/dropcaps.css
  • add include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/dropcaps.php"); in your config.php and you're done


Use the following syntax (:big:)*(:big:), where you can replace * with a letter, a word or a phrase.


I got the idea from Smashingmagazine CSS Tricks.


See Dropcaps-Talk - your comments are welcome here!


Feature request, bugs, questions, and so on can be send to matthias.guenther@wikimatze.de. If you enjoy the script please leave your comment under Dropcaps Users.


This software is licensed under the MIT license.

© 2011-2013 Matthias Guenther matthias.guenther@wikimatze.de.

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