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Display twitter-messages and twitter-pictures from a any member on twitter in your page.

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Questions answered by this recipe

How can I easily display twitter messages and twitpic images on my page?


The twitter.php recipe provides two simple markups

  • (:twittermessages:) for displaying the last entries
  • (:twitterpictures:) for displaying the last pictures

Variables for configuring the display of twitter-messages:

  • $twitter_header the header, where you twitter-messages will appear
  • $twitter_account the person, from which you will display the -tweets-
  • $twitter_account_follow_message the message for following the displayed twitter-account
  • $twitter_messages how many messages should be displayed

Variables for configuring the display of twitter-pictures:

  • $twitter_picture_account setting up the twitter account which you can see
  • $twitter_picture_theme in 'standard' the images will be displayed vertical. The other mode is grid_vertical
  • $twitter_picture_background_color hex-colors for background
  • $twitter_picture_border_color hex-colors for border
  • $twitter_picture_link_color hex-colors for links
  • $twitter_picture_tweet_background_color hex-colors for the background of simple tweets
  • $twitter_picture_link_color hex-colors for links
  • $twitter_picture_tweet_text_color hex-colors for the text of the tweets
  • $twitter_picture_width display the size of twitter images
  • twitter_picture_count [1,2,...,20]
  • twitter_picture_timestamp display the timestamps when the picture was uploaded

To configure the colors for the color-variables for twitter-pictures you have to use hexadecimal digits.

Just place the variables before including the twitter.php in your config.php.

Here is an example-configuration:

// Twitter-messages
$twitter_header = "Twitter Neuigkeiten";
$twitter_account = "Helex";
$twitter_account_follow_message = "Folge mir";
$twitter_messages = 3;

// Twitter-pictures
$twitter_picture_account = 'wikimatze';
$twitter_picture_theme = "standard";
$twitter_picture_background_color = "e2dfdf";
$twitter_picture_border_color = "E2E2E2";
$twitter_picture_link_color = "81b6da";
$twitter_picture_tweet_background_color = "ffffff";
$twitter_picture_tweet_text_color = "140f0f";
$twitter_picture_width = "250";
$twitter_picture_count = 20;
$twitter_picture_timestamp = "1";


It is possible to change the layout of the displaying twitter messages with the following variables:

#twittermessages {...}          // the div id for the twitter messages
#twittermessages li {...}       // styling of one twitter message as a list
.twittermessages_status {...}   // styling of the font of the messages
.twittermessages_status a {...} // decoration of the links
.twittermessages_relativeTime   // styling of the posted date of a message

To change the layout please go to pub/css/twitter.css.


  • download from source or via git https://bitbucket.org/wikimatze/pmwiki-twitter-recipe.git
  • make the following copy-tasks:
    • put twitter.php file to your cookbook directory (cp pmwiki-twitter-recipe/cookbook/twitter/twitter.php cookbook/)
    • put twitter.css file to your public directory (normally pub/) (cp pmwiki-twitter-recipe/pub/css/twitter.css pub/css/)
    • put twitter-directory in your public directory (normally pub/) (cp -R pmwiki-twitter-recipe/pub/twitter pub/)
  • add to local/config.php include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/twitter.php"); and don't forget to put the variables suggested above in Description section before including the twitter.php if not, then the default values of the SDVs will be loaded
  • config the twitter.php-file with your account-name (see Description section)


Twitter works quite well. So far I've encountered the following problems:

  • if you want to display twitter messages (or twitter pictures) in more than one place, than nothing happened because the twitter-API prevents overhead
  • it may happen that you will see nothing on your page if you have to much traffic
  • to style the displayed messages, just take a look in the twitter.js where I inserted some CSS

See Also

  • TwitterPost) - easily post updates to your Twitter account via PHP functions


See Twitter-Talk - your comments are welcome there!


Feature request, bugs, questions, etc. can be send to matthias.guenther@wikimatze.de. If you enjoy the script please leave your comment under Twitter Users.


This software is licensed under the MIT license.

© 2011-2017 Matthias Guenther matthias@wikimatze.de.