These scripts add support for IRCnet's +R reop mode by working around the +R
mode eggdrop knows (it means "registered channel" on some other network so
eggdrop does not understand that it takes a hostmask parameter on IRCnet).

|  This means that you probably *only* want to load these scripts if you want  |
| to connect your bots to IRCnet.  If you don't connect to IRCnet, this module |
|   is probably not for you, unless they run the IRCnet ircd server software   |

The most important part of this module are the alternative pushmode/flushmode
procs, which overwrite the versions from eggdrop which can't handle +R the
right way. Another important function is reop::pull which creates an iterator
object to fetch and handle all reop modes a channel has set. There also is a
rudimentary DCC command implementation that works similar to .+ban, .+exempt
and .+invite by allowing you to specify a few reop modes eggdrop will try to
enforce on each channel they are configured for. If you want to start using it,
put the module in your eggdrop directory and add

	source path/to/ircnet-reop.tcl

to your eggdrop configuration file and start adding reops with

	.+reop *!*somebody@*

Your bot will then try to enforce these every time it joins into the previously
empty channel or gets ops on the channel.

If you're looking into writing code that handles +R reop lists, take a look at
the examples directory which should help you get started with the lambdas that
appeared in Tcl 8.5 and how to use the pull function.

Geo has pointed out that this should probably be rewritten as an eggdrop module.