urlmagic by rojo and ente


Does following magic things with URLs:
  * Follows links posted in a channel if the udef flag +urlmagic is set
  * If content-type ~ text/html and <title>content exists</title> display title
  * Otherwise, display content-type
  * If url length > threshold, fetch and display tinyurl

Optional features:

Plugins exist for:

  * Optionally recording all URLs to your Twitter page or an SQLite database
  * Flagging links as NSFW if it was mentioned in the text next to the link
  * Displaying the size of a page
  * Displaying the final destination URL in case there was a redirect

In short, what's displayed and what isn't can be influenced by plugins.

This script needs at least the following packages: http, tls and tcllib (for hook)
It is advised to also install either gumbo or arabica to use the more fail-safe
title parser.

Use your distribution's package management system to install the dependencies
as appropriate.


Debian / Ubuntu:
    apt-get install tcllib tcl-tls

Red Hat / CentOS:
    yum install tcllib tcltls

    emerge -v tcllib dev-tcltk/tls

    pkg_add -r tcllib tcltls

Please report bugs to ente on IRCnet.