lua-bencode / README.markdown


bencode, lua-bencode or whatever name you call it.


While not a license, all files in this repository have been placed in the public domain because the authors do not believe in intellectual property.


There are three possible ways install it:

  • your distribution has a package for it (unlikely, unless they like lua)
  • use luarocks to install it.
  • copy bencode.lua to some place in package.path by hand

What's it all about?

This is a module for the lua programming language for decoding and encoding bencoded data which can be used to read and write torrent files for bittorrent. More information on bencoding can be found here.


  • Kristofer Karlsson, who wrote the decoder, islist and isdictionary
  • Moritz Wilhelmy, who wrote the rest and glued everything together

Project Homepage

There is no such thing as a project homepage, you have to live with the bitbucket page, which is located here.


bitbucket generously offers issue tracking to projects hosted by them, so please use this facility to report any bugs and features you encounter.