1. Moritz Wilhelmy
  2. uiv



    uiv is a small, customisable and usable image viewer.


    - Tcl/Tk
        Tested with Tcl/Tk 8.4 and 8.5.
	Send me a mail about success and failure on different releases.

    - TkImg 
        Tested and works with at least 
        * 1.3 with Joe English's patches 
        * 1.4


    Run ``make install'' to install uiv to /usr/local. 
    To customise, copy /usr/local/share/uiv/uivrc.example to ~/.uivrc, edit it
    with your favourite editor and then run uiv with a list of images or
    directories containing images you want to view.

    Note: The ``install'' target supports the usual DESTDIR and PREFIX options.


    Run ``make dist'' to create a distribution tarball.


    uiv was written with focus on people who want a scriptable image viewer
    which supports custom keybindings and command line options, thus ~/.uivrc
    is a Tcl-script. You can edit it to customise keybindings or add
    whatever you feel the need for.

    Feel free to send me lots of mail to moritz+uiv@wzff.de if you use it, have
    patches, found a bug or otherwise deem it useful. As an alternative, feel
    free to use the bitbucket facilities.


    uiv is far from perfect, if you hit anything that looks like a bug to you,
    please submit it to the issue tracker.



    The wiki contains useful snippets and configuration file examples.



    Thanks to Richard Suchenwirth for the original implementation of a small
    image viewer based on TkImg and to #tcl Freenode for the support.

    For the original implementation, see http://wiki.tcl.tk/4025