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    uiv is a small, customisable and usable image viewer.

    - Tcl 8.4 onwards
    - Tk
    - Tkimg

    run ``make install DESTDIR=/somewhere'' to install uiv to /somewhere
    to customise, copy /somewhere/share/uiv/uivrc.example to ~/.uivrc,
    edit it with your favourite editor and then run uiv with a list of images
    you want to view.

    run ``make dist'' to create a dist tarball.

    uiv was written with focus on people who want their image viewer to fit in
    their workflow, thus ~/.uivrc is a Tcl-script. You can edit it to customise
    keybindings or add whatever you feel the need for.
    If you wrote a patch that's worth noticing, feel free to send me a mail to
    moritz+uiv@wzff.de, or alternatively use the bitbucket facilities.

    uiv is far from being perfect, if you hit anything that looks like a bug to
    you, please submit it to: https://bitbucket.org/wilhelmy/uiv/issues

    here: http://bitbucket.org/wilhelmy/uiv/wiki