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Examples for what can be done using ~/.uivrc

You want to remove images while browsing through them? (be careful with this if you don't want to lose any valuable data...)
Add this snippet to ~/.uivrc:

set keys {
  <R>     {
    set _cur_file [lindex $::files $::current]
    exec rm $_cur_file
    puts "removed $_cur_file"
    # remove file from list:
    set ::files [lreplace $::files $::current $::current]
    # load the next file in the list
    display current

Then, simply press "R" (Shift + r) to remove an image you don't like.

Evaluating Tcl

set keys {
  <z>   { puts -nonewline >; flush stdout; eval [gets stdin]; }

This does not have any form of line editing whatsoever (use rlwrap if you must), but can be useful for debugging purposes.


set ::slideshow_msec 2000
proc slideshow {} {
	after $::slideshow_msec {display next; slideshow}

This loads a new image every 2 seconds.

Upload images to a file hoster

This uses the client to post the image there in the background and automatically copies its URL into the clipboard as soon as it's done uploading, as well as printing the URL to stdout.

<P> {
  set _cur_file [lindex $::files $::current]
  exec fb -- $_cur_file &