Sean Wilkinson committed 2690542

Specified argument type checking more carefully

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      // the task so that the underlying system (QM, in this case) can control
      // system resources itself. Examples will be included in the distribution
      // that will accompany the upcoming publication(s).
-        if (box === undefined) {
+        if (is_String(box) === false) {
             box =;
         var task = avar({box: box});
  // Out-of-scope definitions
     defineProperty(global, 'QM', {
-     // This creates the "namespace" for QMachine.
-        configurable: false,
+     // This creates the "namespace" for QMachine as a global `QM` object.
+     // NOTE: I commented out two of the next three lines because their values
+     // match the ES5.1 default values.
+        //configurable: false,
         enumerable: true,
-        writable: false,
+        //writable: false,
         value: {}
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