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Combined some SQL in the Rack app

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File src/rack-app/

   # QMachine options
-    set avar_ttl:               86400,
+    set avar_ttl:               60,
         enable_api_server:      true,
         enable_CORS:            true,
         enable_web_server:      true,
       # table and evicting expired rows before every single query.
             db =
-            db.execute <<-sql
+            db.execute_batch <<-sql
                 CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS avars (
                     body TEXT NOT NULL,
                     box_key TEXT NOT NULL,
                     exp_date INTEGER NOT NULL,
                     key TEXT,
                     PRIMARY KEY (box_key)
-                )
+                );
+                DELETE FROM avars WHERE (exp_date < #{nowplus(0)})
-            db.execute "DELETE FROM avars WHERE (exp_date < #{nowplus(0)})"
+          # We have to execute the query code `sql` separately because the
+          # `db.execute_batch` function always returns `nil`, which prevents
+          # us from being able to retrieve the results of the query.
             x = db.execute(sql)
         rescue SQLite3::Exception => err
             puts "Exception occured: #{err}"