qmachine / .gitignore

#-  Git configuration file

#-  .gitignore ~~
#   This file contains user-defined filename patterns that Git should ignore
#   when it computes changes. Typically, we want to ignore any hidden or
#   temporary files created by the operating system or text editor, but I must
#   stress that we do not, under _any_ circumstances, want to add a rule that
#   may cause us to exclude an important file accidentally. Thus, my own policy
#   is to script and monitor every step of my workflow except for version
#   control -- always execute your commits manually!
#                                                       ~~ (c) SRW, 31 Oct 2011
#                                                   ~~ last updated 19 Sep 2012

#-  Temporary project directories

#-  CouchApp configuration files -- these may contain passwords!

#-  JavaScript interpreter history files

#-  Kanso packages

#-  Mercurial repository itself (if present)

#-  Node.js modules

#-  Vim swap files

#-  OS generated files

#-  vim:set syntax=gitconfig:
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