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`volunteer` now passes arguments to `jobs`

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 //          prototype definitions use ES5 getters and setters, too. I would
 //          need to abandon most (if not all) use of getters and setters ...
-//                                                      ~~ (c) SRW, 08 Sep 2012
+//                                                      ~~ (c) SRW, 18 Sep 2012
 (function (global) {
     'use strict';
      // the task so that the underlying system (not Quanah) can control system
      // resources itself. Examples will be included in the distribution that
      // will accompany the upcoming publication(s).
-        var task = avar();
+        var args, task;
+        args =;
+        task = avar();
         task.onready = function (evt) {
          // This function retrieves the key of a task from the queue so we
          // can retrieve that task's full description. If no tasks are found,
             if ( === null) {
                 return'Waiting for a `jobs` definition ...');
-            var temp =;
+            var temp =, args);
             temp.onerror = function (message) {
              // This function notifies `task` that something has gone wrong
              // during retrieval and interpretation of its description.
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