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 <!DOCTYPE html>
     index.html ~~
-                                                        ~~ (c) SRW, 04 Apr 2013
+                                                        ~~ (c) SRW, 05 Apr 2013
 <html lang="en">
-<p><a href="http://wilkinson.github.com/quanah">Quanah</a> is a JavaScript library for
+<p><a href="http://wilkinson.github.io/quanah">Quanah</a> is a JavaScript library for
 writing concurrent programs in JavaScript that still run correctly in serial
 execution environments. <a href="https://www.qmachine.org/">QMachine</a>, for example,
 uses Quanah extensively to implement a web service that acts as a supercomputer
 <p>A <a href="http://nodejs.org/">Node.js</a> module can be installed via
 <a href="https://npmjs.org/package/quanah">NPM</a>. Quanah is also available in
-<a href="http://twitter.github.com/bower/">Bower</a> and
+<a href="http://twitter.github.io/bower/">Bower</a> and
 <a href="http://minervajs.org/site/index.html#!/view/quanah">MinervaJS</a>.</p>
 <p>There are several &quot;mirrors&quot; available on