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     <noscript>This page requires JavaScript.</noscript>
-    <h1>Quanah Links</h1>
-    <ul>
-      <li>
-        <a href="">Bitbucket</a>
-      </li>
-      <li>
-        <a href="">GitHub</a>
-      </li>
-      <li>
-        <a href="">Google Code</a>
-      </li>
-    </ul>
+    <h1>Quanah</h1>
+    <div>
+      Quanah is a JavaScript library for writing concurrent programs in
+      JavaScript that still run correctly in serial execution environments.
+      One program, for example, uses Quanah to implement a web service that
+      acts as a "supercomputer" for running scientific computations using
+      only web browsers and CouchDB. I am currently writing several papers
+      about Quanah and applications that use it, but I promise I will write
+      more documentation here soon!
+    </div>
+    <div>
+      There are several mirrors available at
+        <a href="">Bitbucket</a>,
+        <a href="">GitHub</a>, and
+        <a href="">Google Code</a>.
+    </div>