quanah / Makefile

#-  GNU Makefile

#-  Makefile ~~
#   This contains live instructions for development on the Quanah library.
#                                                       ~~ (c) SRW, 17 Nov 2012
#                                                   ~~ last updated 20 Jan 2013

PROJECT_ROOT    :=  $(realpath $(dir $(firstword $(MAKEFILE_LIST))))

include $(PROJECT_ROOT)/tools/macros.make

NPM     :=  $(call contingent, npm)
RM      :=  $(call contingent, grm rm) -rf

.PHONY: all clean clobber distclean reset run

'': help;

all: run

clean: reset

clobber: clean

distclean: clobber
	@   $(RM) $(addprefix $(PROJECT_ROOT)/, \
                .d8_history .v8_history ./node_modules/ npm-debug.log *.tgz)

	@   $(call show-usage-info)

	@   $(call contingent, clear)

run: test


.PHONY: check test

check: test

test: $(PROJECT_ROOT)/node_modules/
	@   $(NPM) test


$(PROJECT_ROOT)/node_modules/: $(PROJECT_ROOT)/package.json
	@   $(NPM) install


#-  NOTE: The following rule is still experimental and should not be used in
#   production, especially if you are planning to convert the resulting output
#   back into JavaScript again for deployment. Such files might pass the unit
#   tests but still contain bugs and/or security vulnerabilities.

%.coffee: %.js
	@   $(call contingent, js2coffee) $< > $@


	@   $(call alert, 'No target "$@" found.')

#-  vim:set syntax=make:
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