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use erlang:md5 instead of crypto:md5

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 %% AuthenticationMD5Password
 auth({$R, <<5:?int32, Salt:4/binary>>}, State) ->
-    Digest1 = hex(crypto:md5([get(password), get(username)])),
-    Str = ["md5", hex(crypto:md5([Digest1, Salt])), 0],
+    Digest1 = hex(erlang:md5([get(password), get(username)])),
+    Str = ["md5", hex(erlang:md5([Digest1, Salt])), 0],
     send(State, $p, Str),
     {next_state, auth, State};


 %% -- run all tests --
 run_tests() ->
-    crypto:start(),
     Files = filelib:wildcard("test_ebin/*tests.beam"),
     Mods = [list_to_atom(filename:basename(F, ".beam")) || F <- Files],
     eunit:test(Mods, []).
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