Provides hard real-time motor control and data aquisition
capabilities.  Designed for the upgraded Bride of Robofly System
(BORF) and possibly for the Original Robofly system (ORF). The
borf_control software consists of 4 main components.

* motor_ctl: a hard realtime driver implemented as an RTAI kernel
  module. The module provides realtime motor control and data

* libmotor_shm: a library providing user space access to shared memory
  used by the motor_ctl driver.

* motor_comm: a python packag which provides a user space
  communication w/ the motor_ctl hard real-time (RTAI) driver. In
  addition it provides a suit of commandline functions for controlling
  a robot using the motor_ctl driver.

* motor_shm: a python ctypes wrapper around the libmotor_shm
  library. It is used for communication with the motor_ctl hard
  real-time (RTAI) driver.


 * Installation instructions can be found in the INSTAL file.


 * Will Dickson <>

borf_control may be freely distributed and modified in accordance with
the GNU Lesser General Public License.