1. Will Dickson
  2. qarray



Purpose: This module provides a simple set of functions for dealing with arrays of quaternions. It includes functions for multipying, finding the conjugate, magnitudes, and inverses of arrays of quaternions. In addition utility routines are provided for converitng vector and euler angle arrays to arrays of quaternions.


qarray_multiply - multiplies two quaternion arrays qarray_conjugate - returns array of conjugates of quaternion array qarray_mag - returns array of magnitudes of quaternion array qarray_inverse - returns array of inverse of quaternion array qarray_from_axangle - returns quaternion array from array of axis angle


qarray_from_vect - returns quaternion array from array of vectors vect_from_qarray - returns array of vectors from quaternion array qarray_from_euler - returns array of quaternins from array of euler


euler_from_qarray - returns array of euler angles from quaternion array rotate_vect_array - rotates array of vectors by given axis angle



  • Installation instructions can be found in the INSTALL file.


qarray may be freely distributed and modified in accordance with the GNU Lesser General Public License.