yawff (yaw force-feedback)

Note, yawff is still under development and is not yet fully

Provides provides hard real-time control of dynamically scaled two
winged flapping robotic model w/ force (or torque) feedback around the
yaw axis. Designed for studying the dynamics turns about the yaw axis
for flapping flight. More specifically this software controls a two
wing robot where each wing of the robot has 3 degrees of freedom and
can be programed to track arbitrary kinematics. During a kinematic
outscan the moment about the yaw axis is measured via a torque sensor
and used to determine the velocity of the yaw axis motor via a dynamic

yawff consists of two main components

* yawff: a shared library providing RTAI based hadr real-time control
  of a dynamically scaled two wing flapping robotic model w/ force
  feedback about the yaw axis. 

* py_yawff: a python ctypes wrapper providing access to the yawff
  library from python.


 * Installation instructions can be found in the INSTALL file.


 * Will Dickson <wbd@caltech.edu>

yawff may be freely distributed and modified in accordance with
the GNU Lesser General Public License.