Anonymous committed 123c9bc

Fixed bug in units conversion for kbais controller.

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   float deriv_ctlr_err;
   float max_u;
   if (config.ctlr_param.type == CTLR_TYPE_KBIAS) {
-    *u = RAD2DEG*setpt - config.ctlr_param.pgain*state_est.vel;
+    *u = DEG2RAD*setpt - config.ctlr_param.pgain*state_est.vel;
   else {
     // Get controller error based on controller type


         torq_flt = torq[:,0]
         torq_raw = torq[:,1]
+        # Reshape t, pos, vel to be (N,) instead of (N,1) 
+        t = scipy.reshape(t,(t.shape[0],))
+        pos = scipy.reshape(pos,(pos.shape[0],))
+        vel = scipy.reshape(vel,(vel.shape[0],))
         # Create kinematics dictionary
         kine_dict = {}
         for i in range(0,config['num_motor']):
         pos_last =  pos
     t = scipy.arange(0,yaw_kine.shape[0])*dt
     return t, yaw_kine, pos_array
 def resample(x,n):
     Resample data in array x with step size n.
         return x[0:-1:n,:]
+def resample_tuple(data_tuple,n):
+    return tuple([resample(x,n) for x in data_tuple])
+def resample_dict(data_dict,n):
+    data_dict_new = {}
+    for k,v in data_dict.iteritems():
+        data_dict_new[k] = resample(v,n)
+    return data_dict_new
 # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 # Command line utilties
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