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 .. _Python:
 .. _`more...`: 
+PyPy release 0.7.0
+The first implementation of Python in Python is now also the second
+implementation of Python in C :-)
+See the `release announcement`_ for further details about the release and
+the `getting started`_ document for instructions about downloading it and
+trying it out.  We also have the beginning of a FAQ_.  *(08/28/2005)*
+.. _`release announcement`:
+.. _`getting started`:
+.. _FAQ:
 Ongoing: PyPy Sprint in Heidelberg 22nd-29th August 2005
 .. _`translation`: 
 .. _`sprint announcement`:
 .. _`list of people coming`:
-First PyPy release!
-We are happy to announce the first public release of PyPy after two years of
-spare-time and half a year of EU funded development.  The 0.6 release is
-a preview release, concentrating on CPython compatibility, good documentation 
-and nice starting points into the PyPy code base.  We invite you to head 
-over to the `getting started`_ document or read more in the 
-`release announcement`_.  *(05/20/2005)*
-.. _`release announcement`:
-.. _`getting started`: