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PyPy - Getting Started 

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What is PyPy ?

PyPy is an implementation of the Python_ programming language written in
Python itself, flexible and easy to experiment with.
We target a large variety of platforms, small and large, by providing a
compiler toolsuite that can produce custom Python versions.  Platform, memory
and threading models, as well as the JIT compiler itself, are aspects of the
translation process - as opposed to encoding low level details into the
language implementation itself. `more...`_

.. _Python:
.. _`more...`: architecture.html

Just the facts 

.. _gettingpypy: 
.. _`latest stable version via subversion`:   
.. _`get via Subversion`:

Svn-check out

Before you can play with PyPy, you will need to obtain a copy
of the sources.  This can be done either by `downloading them
from the download page`_ or by checking them out from the
repository using subversion.  We suggest using subversion if one
wants to access the current development.

.. _`downloading them from the download page`: download.html

If you choose to use subversion, you must issue the following command on your
command line, DOS box, or terminal::

    svn co pypy-trunk

This will check out the subversion head and place it into a directory
named ``pypy-trunk``, and will get you the PyPy source in
``pypy-trunk/pypy`` and documentation files in ``pypy-trunk/pypy/doc``.
We try to ensure that the head is always stable, but it might
occasionally be broken.  You may want to check out `our nightly tests:`_
find a revision (5-digit number) that passed at least the
``{own}`` and ``{applevel}`` tests (corresponding to a ``+`` sign on the
line ``success``) and then check out using::

    svn co -rXXXXX pypy-trunk

where XXXXX is the revision number.

.. _`our nightly tests:`:<trunk>

Where to go from here

After you succesfully managed to get PyPy's source you can read more about:

 - `Building and using PyPy's Python interpreter`_
 - `Learning more about the translation toolchain and how to develop (with) PyPy`_

.. _`Building and using PyPy's Python interpreter`: getting-started-python.html
.. _`Learning more about the translation toolchain and how to develop (with) PyPy`: getting-started-dev.html

Understanding PyPy's architecture

For in-depth information about architecture and coding documentation 
head over to the `documentation section`_ where you'll find lots of 
interesting information.  Additionally, in true hacker spirit, you 
may just `start reading sources`_ . 

.. _`documentation section`: docindex.html 
.. _`start reading sources`: getting-started-dev.html#start-reading-sources

Filing bugs or feature requests 

You may file `bug reports`_ on our issue tracker which is
also accessible through the 'issues' top menu of 
the PyPy website.  `Using the development tracker`_ has 
more detailed information on specific features of the tracker. 

.. _`Using the development tracker`: coding-guide.html#using-development-tracker
.. _bug reports:  

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