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The PyPy project aims at producing a flexible and fast Python_
implementation.  The guiding idea is to translate a Python-level
description of the Python language itself to lower level languages.
Rumors have it that the secret goal is being faster-than-C which is
nonsense, isn't it?  `more...`_

Getting into PyPy ... 

* `Release 1.4`_: the latest official release

* `PyPy Blog`_: news and status info about PyPy 

* `Documentation`_: extensive documentation and papers_ about PyPy.  

* `Getting Started`_: Getting started and playing with PyPy. 

Mailing lists, bug tracker, IRC channel

* `Development mailing list`_: development and conceptual

* `Subversion commit mailing list`_: updates to code and

* `Development bug/feature tracker`_: filing bugs and feature requests. 

* `Sprint mailing list`_: mailing list for organising upcoming sprints. 

* **IRC channel #pypy on freenode**: Many of the core developers are hanging out 
  at #pypy on  You are welcome to join and ask questions
  (if they are not already developed in the FAQ_).
  You can find logs of the channel here_.

.. XXX play1? 

Meeting PyPy developers

The PyPy developers are organising sprints and presenting results at
conferences all year round. They will be happy to meet in person with
anyone interested in the project.  Watch out for sprint announcements
on the `development mailing list`_.

.. _Python:
.. _`more...`: architecture.html#mission-statement 
.. _`PyPy blog`:
.. _`development bug/feature tracker`: 
.. _here:
.. _`sprint mailing list`: 
.. _`subversion commit mailing list`:
.. _`development mailing list`:
.. _`FAQ`: faq.html
.. _`Documentation`: docindex.html 
.. _`Getting Started`: getting-started.html
.. _papers: extradoc.html
.. _`Release 1.4`: