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Matthew Marshall  committed 14c98d9

Added a small help to the repository summary.

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     <dt>last change</dt><dd>#lastchange|rfc822date#</dd>
+<p class="box">
+To get a local copy of this repository, install <a href="http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/">Mercurial</a> and run the following on the command line:
+hg clone {url}
 <h3><a  class="title" href="{url}shortlog{sessionvars%urlparameter}">changes</a></h3>
 <table cellspacing="0">

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 div.page_header h2 {margin-bottom:0px;}
 div.page_body pre {margin:0pt;}
-div.page_body .linenr {color:#555; padding-right:2px;}
+div.page_body .linenr {color:#555; padding-right:2px;}
+.box {background-color:#d9d9d9;}