Matthew Marshall committed aae0f40

Added name and description to hgrc.

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 from django.contrib.auth.models import User
 from django.conf import settings
 from django.dispatch import dispatcher
+from django.utils.html import escape, linebreaks, urlize
 import os.path
 import shutil
         f.write("push_ssl = false\n")
         f.write("allow_push = %s\n" % self.owner.username)
+        if self.long_name:
+            f.write("name = %s\n" % escape(self.long_name))
+        else:
+            f.write("name = %s\n" % escape(
+        if self.description:
+            f.write("description = %s\n" %
+                linebreaks(urlize(escape(self.description))).replace('\n','').replace('%', '%%'))
 def save_repo(instance):
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