freehg / templates / user_detail.html

{% extends "base.html" %}

{% block title %}{{ view_user.get_full_name }} ({{view_user.username}}){% endblock %}

{% block content %}

{% comment %} TODO this template has a lot of overlap with the profile.html template.  Perhaps some of it should be moved to inclusion tags?{% endcomment %}

<div id="display-profile" class="span-8 box">
    <dt>"Real" name:</dt>
        <dd>{% if view_user.get_full_name %}{{view_user.get_full_name}}{% else %}Humanoid#001634{{}} {% ifequal user view_user %}(<a href="/accounts/profile/#change-profile">Name yourself</a>){% else %}(This user has not told us his/her/its name.){% endifequal %}{%endif%}</dd>
{% ifequal user view_user %}
        <a href="/accounts/profile/#change-profile">Edit your profile.</a>
    {% endifequal %}

{% comment %} TODO add last change time? {% endcomment %}
{% if view_user.repo_set.count %}
<div class="span-14 clear">
    {% for repo in view_user.repo_set.all %}
        <tr><td><a href="{{repo.get_absolute_url}}">
        {% ifequal user view_user %}
            <td><a href="{{repo.get_absolute_url}}edit/">edit</a> | <a href="{{repo.get_absolute_url}}delete/">delete</a></td></tr>
        {% endifequal %}
    {% endfor %}
{% else %}
This user has not created any repositories.
{% endif %}

{% comment %} TODO add a create repository form here?{% endcomment %}

{% endblock %}
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