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implement jinja2 fallback for .js, .css files, [ticket:2359]

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File doc/build/builder/

 from sphinx.application import TemplateBridge
 from import StandaloneHTMLBuilder
 from sphinx.highlighting import PygmentsBridge
+from sphinx.jinja2glue import BuiltinTemplateLoader
 from pygments import highlight
 from pygments.lexer import RegexLexer, bygroups, using
 from pygments.token import *
 class MakoBridge(TemplateBridge):
     def init(self, builder, *args, **kw):
+        self.jinja2_fallback = BuiltinTemplateLoader()
+        self.jinja2_fallback.init(builder, *args, **kw)
         self.layout = builder.config.html_context.get('mako_layout', 'html')
         builder.config.html_context['release_date'] = builder.config['release_date']
         builder.config.html_context['versions'] = builder.config['versions']
     def render_string(self, template, context):
-        context['prevtopic'] = context.pop('prev', None)
-        context['nexttopic'] = context.pop('next', None)
-        context['mako_layout'] = self.layout == 'html' and 'static_base.mako' or 'site_base.mako'
-        # sphinx 1.0b2 doesn't seem to be providing _ for some reason...
-        context.setdefault('_', lambda x:x)
-        return Template(template, lookup=self.lookup,
-            format_exceptions=True, 
-            imports=[
-                "from builder import util"
-            ]
-        ).render_unicode(**context)
+        # this is used for  .js, .css etc. and we don't have
+        # local copies of that stuff here so use the jinja render.
+        return self.jinja2_fallback.render_string(template, context)
 class StripDocTestFilter(Filter):
     def filter(self, lexer, stream):