Mike Bayer committed 776c9cb

fixes to pool_invalidate [ticket:224]

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 - new MySQL types: MSEnum, MSTinyText, MSMediumText, MSLongText, etc.
 more support for MS-specific length/precision params in numeric types
 patch courtesy Mike Bernson
+- some fixes to connection pool invalidate() [ticket:224]
 - overhaul to mapper compilation to be deferred.  this allows mappers


             self._threadconns[thread.get_ident()] = agent
             return agent
-    def return_conn(self, agent):
+    def _purge_for_threadlocal(self):
         if self._use_threadlocal:
                 del self._threadconns[thread.get_ident()]
             except KeyError:
+    def return_conn(self, agent):
+        self._purge_for_threadlocal()
+    def return_invalid(self):
+        self._purge_for_threadlocal()
+        self.do_return_invalid()
     def get(self):
         return self.do_get()
-    def return_invalid(self):
-        self.do_return_invalid()
     def do_get(self):
         raise NotImplementedError()
     def invalidate(self):
         if self.pool.echo:
             self.pool.log("Invalidate connection %s" % repr(self.connection))
-        self.connection.rollback()
         self.connection = None
     def cursor(self, *args, **kwargs):
             self._overflow -= 1
     def do_return_invalid(self):
-        if self._pool.full():
-            self._overflow -= 1
+        self._overflow -= 1
     def do_get(self):
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