Premake 4.4 fork for WinDirStat


This is a friendly fork of premake/premake-4.x.

I usually send pull requests to Jason, but I realize that not all of my changes may be suitable or desirable. So I keep a separate branch.


I provide code-signed binaries in the download area for the benefit of those who don't want to build the binary themselves.

To get the latest code-signed build of premake4.exe simply download from this link.

The .asc files corresponding to the .exe files which are named something like premake4.rev-$rev-$commit.exe are the detached PGP signatures. Please verify these or verify the signatures on the .exe using a tool like sigcheck.exe from Microsoft.

The version I build and provide is exclusively from the WDS-build branch, which should also be the one you get to see by default when looking at this project in a browser.


My changes are not substantial enough to claim any copyright. As far as I am concerned any contributions that go into upstream are under the license under which premake4 was at the time of my contribution and Jason Perkins has the copyright.