wxPython / demo / data / testtable.txt

Name	Type	Platform	Location	Availability	Description
WebReuser	Development	Windows 95, Windows NT, HPUX 9.05 and 10.2, Solaris 2.4 and 2.5	Evaluation	WebReuser is a re-use tool from Hitachi Europe Limited. WebReuser is a tool that simplifies software reuse. Its ability to track, schematize and search documents makes it the ideal way to understand C++ code. These features also make WebReuser an ideal tool to classify any Web resource. WebReuser can even be used for more general documentation management tasks.
MacAnova	Development	Windows, Motif, Mac	Free	A large statistical application from the School of Statistics, University of Minnesota. It is based on a modified version of wxWindows 1.65.
Hardy	Development	Win 3.1, WIN32, Motif (Sun only)	Freeware for personal and academic use	A hypertext-based diagramming and knowledge-based system development tool, with NASA's CLIPS built-in. It is a superset of wxCLIPS.
wxCLIPS	Development	Win 3.1, WIN32, Motif, XView	Freeware	A GUI development environment for CLIPS applications.
wxPython	Development	wxWindows 2 for the new version	Freeware	Python/wxWindows combination by Robin Dunn and Harri Pasanen. Python is an elegant object-oriented, interpreted language that runs on many platforms.
MrEd	Development	Win 3.1, WIN32, Motif, XView	Freeware	MrEd is a combined editor and Scheme development environment by Matthew Flatt.
WXLisp	Development	Win 3.1, WIN32, Motif, XView	Freeware	A combination of wxWindows and XLisp.
Scriptum	Development	Motif	Freeware	Graphical editor with visual highlighting, navigation/browsing, undo, class browser for C++ and Java, source code management, file locking, remote editing using ftp, configurable.
WipeOut	Development	XView/Linux	Giftware	WipeOut is an integrated development environment for C++ projects, available for Linux/XView. The authors are working on versions for SunOS/Solaris. Source is available for porting to other platforms.
OPL	Development	Win 3.1, WIN32, Motif, XView	Freeware	Object Prolog is a portable implementation of Prolog by Andrew Davison, with object-oriented extensions, entirely written in C++. In the initial version, a binding to wxWindows is available. In the revamped version, this binding has not been written yet.
Dataplore	Graphics and sound	Windows, other?	Commercial	Data visualisation tool, from Datan
VCG Tool	Graphics and sound	Win 3.1, WIN32, Motif, XView	Freeware	A graph layout tool similar to GraphPlace, but with extensions. Very nice indeed!
Y.E.S.	Graphics and sound	Win 3.1, WIN32, XView (Linux)	Shareware	Monophonic notation program.
JAZZ	Graphics and sound	XView (Linux)	Freeware	A MIDI sequencer for Linux.
ISP	Graphics and sound	Win 3.1, WIN32, Motif, XView	Freeware	Image and sound player educational tool.
ClockWorks	Graphics and sound	Win 3.1, WIN32, Motif, XView	Freeware	A configurable analogue clock, with a collection of 'fine art' faces. By Julian Smart.
M	Miscellaneous	Windows 95, Windows NT, Linux	GPL	M is a cross-platform e-mail application. It will be available for X11/Unix and Windows platforms, supporting a wide range of e-mail transfer protocols as well as including full MIME support. M's wealth of features and ease of use make it one of the most powerful MUAs available, providing a consistent and intuitive interface across all platforms.
Boolean	Miscellaneous	Windows 95, Windows NT, Solaris	Freeware	A GDSII CAD file format viewer, and program to perform boolean operations on sets of 2D polygons. By Klaas Holwerda.
TimeMan	Miscellaneous	wxGTK, Unix	Freeware	A time manager, written using wxGTK
Forty Thieves	Miscellaneous	Motif, Windows	apps/forty/forty.htm	Freeware	A fiendish patience game, by Chris Breeze. A nice demo of what's possible with wxWindows.
Lean Integration Platform	Miscellaneous	Windows NT, various flavours of UNIX	To be decided	LIP is a workflow-oriented tool integration system which uses wxLisp (and thus wxWindows) as an implementation basis. Lisp combined with the wxWindows bindings make up the compatible extension language platform of the system.
wxWeb	Miscellaneous	Win 3.1, WIN32, Motif	Freeware	Andrew Davison's Web browser, with SimSock portable socket library and wxHtml canvas. Includes an http server for UNIX and Windows.
SANTIS	Miscellaneous	Win 3.1, Windows 95, Linux, Solaris OpenLook and Motif, Silicon Graphics	Free for non-commercial use	SANTIS is a software tool designed for the analysis of signals and time series data of any kind, in particular for scientific purposes. It was developed at the Laboratory of Biomedical Systems Analysis, Institute of Physiology at the University of Aachen, Germany.
Xbaies	Miscellaneous	Win 3.1, WIN32, Motif, XView	xbaies.htm	Freeware	A shell for building Bayesian network models, by Robert Cowell.
wxTinyBB	Miscellaneous	Win 3.1, WIN32, Motif, XView	Freeware/commercial	A tiny blackboard shell demo showing an embedded (commercial) Prolog engine. Demo written by Arvindra Sehmi. A good example of a nice interface using wxWindows.
Gambit	Miscellaneous	Win 3.1, WIN32, Motif, XView	Freeware	A large wxWindows application with source, and features such as a table control with printing.
Tex2RTF	Miscellaneous	Win 3.1, WIN32, Motif, XView	Freeware	Converts subset of LaTeX syntax to WinHelp, wordprocessor RTF, HTML, and wxHelp. As used for wxWindows documentation.
wxPoem	Miscellaneous	Win 3.1, WIN32, Motif, XView	none.htm	Freeware	A poetry display program for wxWindows. Included as a sample in the wxWindows distribution.
Sonar tracking software	Miscellaneous	See Web site	Demonstration	Miscellaneous sonar tracking software from Desert Star Systems, who use wxWindows for all their Windows-based software.
Name	Research software	Platform	Location	Availability	Description
DisCo	Research software	N/A	N/A	A tool for specification of reactive systems.
CAFE	Research software	N/A	cafe.htm	N/A	Cellular Analysis of Fire and Extinction
CODA	Research software	See Web site	See Web site	CODA assists in the design of networks of nature reserves or protected areas. It has been used for major reserve planning studies, as a teaching resource and for research into conservation planning methods.
EGRESS	Research software	N/A	N/A	An evacuation decision model.
ACT	Research software	N/A	none.htm	N/A	A general process and tracker and automator being built at NASA.
Rectangular nesting program	Research software	N/A	N/A	Optimized layout of rectangles on a page.
Finite element post processor	Research software	N/A	N/A	Finite element postprocessor, produced at Aalborg University in Denmark by John Rasmussen and Erik Lund.