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README for wxPython-src-2.9.*.tar.bz2

This archive contains the source code and other files for both
wxWidgets and wxPython.  Some things not needed for the build have
been removed in order to minimize the size of the archive and are
available elsewhere.  If you would like to have the complete set of
sources and etc. then please either use a SVN snapshot from or do a checkout from the subversion
repository yourself from  If you
would like to use SVN to get the exact same sources that one of these
tarballs was built from then you can checkout using one of the release
tags in

For more details about building and installing wxWidgets and wxPython
please see this file::


For a log of recent changes check these files::

      docs/changes.txt             (for wxWidgets)
      wxPython/docs/CHANGES.txt    (for wxPython)

Further information can be found on the wxWidgets and wxPython web
sites and the project wikis::

And be sure to direct your questions to one of the various mail

Have fun!

Robin Dunn
Software Craftsman