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wxPython README

Welcome to the wonderful world of wxPython!

So where do you go from here?  The best thing to do is to run the demo
and use its source code to help you learn how to use wxPython.  Most
of the classes available are demonstrated there, and you can view the
sources directly in the demo so it is designed to help you learn.  If
you are on Windows or OS X then you can run the demo just by double
clicking it's icon.  If you are on Linux/Unix then change to the
directory containing the demo and type:


There are also some sample mini applications available for you to run
and to play with as a learning exercise.

The next thing you should do is join the wxPython-users maillist where
you can interact with a community of other users and developers who
are willing to help you learn, answer questions and solve problems.
To join the mail list just go to this web page and follow the
instructions there:


There is also a good set of class reference documentation available
for wxPython, but currently it is geared for the C++ user.  This may
be a little daunting at first, but with a little practice you'll
easily be able to "mentally translate" from the C++ shown into Python.
for a little help on this process.) Not all classes documented are
available in Python, but most of the GUI related classes are.

Other Info

Please also see the following files:

   docs/CHANGES.txt        Information about new features, fixes,
                           etc. in each release.

   docs/BUILD.txt          Instructions for building wxPython on
                           various Unix-like platforms, OS X or

   docs/MigrationGuide.txt Information about some big changes from 2.4
                           to 2.5 that require changes to your

   licence/*               Text of the wxWidgets license.

Robin Dunn