wxPython / src / _validator.i

// Name:        _validator.i
// Purpose:     SWIG interface for wxValidator
// Author:      Robin Dunn
// Created:     24-June-1997
// RCS-ID:      $Id: _validator.i 69707 2011-11-08 17:44:35Z RD $
// Copyright:   (c) 2003 by Total Control Software
// Licence:     wxWindows license

// Not a %module


 A validator has up to three purposes:

 1) To validate the data in the window that's associated
    with the validator.
 2) To transfer data to and from the window.
 3) To filter input, using its role as a wxEvtHandler
    to intercept e.g. OnChar.

 Note that wxValidator and derived classes use reference counting.

class wxValidator : public wxEvtHandler
    %pythonAppend wxValidator "self._setOORInfo(self)"
    %typemap(out) wxValidator*;    // turn off this typemap


    // Turn it back on again
    %typemap(out) wxValidator* { $result = wxPyMake_wxObject($1, $owner); }

    // Make a clone of this validator (or return NULL)
    wxValidator* Clone();

    // Called when the value in the window must be validated.
    // This function can pop up an error message.
    virtual bool Validate(wxWindow *parent);

    // Called to transfer data to the window
    virtual bool TransferToWindow();

    // Called to transfer data from the window
    virtual bool TransferFromWindow();

    wxWindow* GetWindow();
    void SetWindow(wxWindow* window);

    // validators beep by default if invalid key is pressed, these functions
    // allow to change it
    static bool IsSilent();
    static void SuppressBellOnError(bool suppress = true);
    static void SetBellOnError(int doIt = true);

    %property(Window, GetWindow, SetWindow, doc="See `GetWindow` and `SetWindow`");

IMP_PYCALLBACK_BOOL_WXWIN(wxPyValidator, wxValidator, Validate);
IMP_PYCALLBACK_BOOL_(wxPyValidator, wxValidator, TransferToWindow);
IMP_PYCALLBACK_BOOL_(wxPyValidator, wxValidator, TransferFromWindow);

IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC_CLASS(wxPyValidator, wxValidator);

class wxPyValidator : public wxValidator {
    %pythonAppend wxPyValidator "self._setOORInfo(self);"  setCallbackInfo(PyValidator)

    void _setCallbackInfo(PyObject* self, PyObject* _class, int incref=1);

const wxValidator wxDefaultValidator;

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