wxPython / src / xrc.i

// Name:        xrc.i
// Purpose:     Wrappers for the XML based Resource system
// Author:      Robin Dunn
// Created:     4-June-2001
// RCS-ID:      $Id: xrc.i 42223 2006-10-22 03:00:37Z RD $
// Copyright:   (c) 2001 by Total Control Software
// Licence:     wxWindows license

"The `XmlResource` class allows program resources defining menus, layout of
controls on a panel, etc. to be loaded from an XML file."

%module(package="wx", docstring=DOCSTRING) xrc

#include "wx/wxPython/wxPython.h"
#include "wx/wxPython/pyclasses.h"
#include "wx/wxPython/pyistream.h"

#include <wx/xml/xml.h>
#include <wx/xrc/xmlres.h>


%import core.i
%pythoncode { wx = _core }
%pythoncode { __docfilter__ = wx.__DocFilter(globals()) }

MAKE_CONST_WXSTRING2(UTF8String,       wxT("UTF-8"));
MAKE_CONST_WXSTRING2(StyleString,      wxT("style"));
MAKE_CONST_WXSTRING2(SizeString,       wxT("size"));
MAKE_CONST_WXSTRING2(PosString,        wxT("pos"));
MAKE_CONST_WXSTRING2(BitmapString,     wxT("bitmap"));
MAKE_CONST_WXSTRING2(IconString,       wxT("icon"));
MAKE_CONST_WXSTRING2(FontString,       wxT("font"));
MAKE_CONST_WXSTRING2(AnimationString,  wxT("animation"));

// Include all the files that make up this module
%include _xmlres.i
%include _xmlsub.i
%include _xml.i
%include _xmlhandler.i


%init %{



%pythoncode "_xrc_ex.py";

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