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Changlog for Alpha 0.1 releases

VERSION 0.1.78
DATE 09/01/2007
5th Alpha Release

This version of Editra has support for a Vim Emulation mode that emulates
Vim's Input and Normal modes. A good majority of Vi Normal Mode commands are 
currently supported with more to come in future releases.

There is also a new plugin interface available to work with in this version.
The new interface is called 'The Shelf' its provides an easy interface for 
plugins that want to allow multiple copies of their interface by managing the
panes in a notebook that is docked by default to the bottom of the editor. The 
Shelf can also be repositioned or pulled out to a separate floating window and
saved in that position through the perspectives manager in the view menu.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+Vim Emulation Mode / Key binding option
+New plugin interface 'The Shelf' for plugins that wish to allow multiple
instances to be opened at once in a notebook interface.
+PyShell is now part of the Shelf, so multiple shells can be open at once
+Added support for (D, Flagship, Haskell) programming languages
+Highlighting for Diff/Patch files
+Basic session saving support for loading files from previous session on launch
+Remember file filter selection in file open dialog
+Improvements to windows installer/uninstaller
+Improved plugin downloaders performance and interface

+Fixed bug when closing font dialog with cancel button on MSW
+Fixed bug that would occure sometimes when closing find dialog
+Fixed a major bug in the setup file for source package installs that
excluded copying some of the necessary files.
+Fixed bug in python autocomp for python files that have syntax errors
+Fixed bug in handling compatibility issues with older Editra Style Sheets.


VERSION 0.1.64
DATE 07/27/2007
4th Alpha Release

Thanks to everyone who reported errors and problems in the last release I was
able to tie up a number loose ends and error cases in the programs operation.

Major changes to profile system, the view of the the profile should not be much
different from the perspective of usage but the underlying system has been
completely rewritten to be more robust, reliable, and scalable. These changes
have made the Pyshell-v0.2 and FileBrowser-v0.1 incompatible with this new
version of Editra, however there are also new versions of both these plugins
that are compatible and bundled with the binary versions.

Some changes to the style sheet system have been made that make older syntax
style sheets incompatible with this version. If you are just using the builtin
styles there is no need to worry about this but if you have created a custom
style sheet you will need to change the font face definitions not to use the 
following format expressions (%(mono), %(helv), %(other), %(times)), and
instead use the new tags of (%(primary), %(secondary)) these expressions are
to ensure that the fonts that are set as the preferred fonts in the preference
dialog are used instead of the defaults when applicable.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+Improved notebook tab navigation
+Better Drag and Drop feedback for text and files
+Font preferences can be saved from session to session
+New User Profile system
+FileBrowser plugin is now bundled with Editra binary distrobutions
+Commandline option to enable debugging
+Error reporter can be disabled in the preference dialog

+Handled some unhandled error conditions in the python autocompleter
+Fixed a bug where a save would fail when clicking on Yes when the modify save
 dialog was shown.
+Fixed a number of minor bugs in the plugin manager
+Fixed bug in the Preferences Dialog where some settings wouldn't get set
+Filehistory order is properly preserved
+Fixed a bug in the Style Editor where it would occasionally prompt for saving 
 when it didn't need to.
+Style Editor and Plugin Manager now properly use Metal style when it is set on
+Fixed a bug where the Find dialogs menu entries would get disabled after the
 first showing.

VERSION 0.1.50
DATE 07/14/2007
3rd Alpha Release

This release is mostly a bug fix and refactoring release. To help with further
removing bugs and errors there is now an error reporter built into the editor
that will open when an error condition is raised. Please help to improve Editra
by clicking on "Report Error" when this dialog is shown.

There are also a few new features that can be seen below, most notable is the
support for a number of new languages and file encodings. For the specifics
read the below changelog entries.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+Support for utf-7, uft-16 encoded files
+New Preferences Dialog
+Improved command line support
+Better Error handling and notification
+File type detection is now configurable
+To upper/lower case formatting command
+CssOptimizer plugin available via the plugin manager
+Lots of new documentation
+Editra can be packaged as an Egg
+Support for (Caml, Eiffel, Lout, MatLab, Octave, YAML) syntax highlighting
+Improved SQL highlighting support
+Some minor improvements to the LaTeX generator

+Respects BOM byte if one is present in the file
+Cursor/Selection is now set properly after a comment/uncomment action
+Bracket highlighting can be toggled on/off properly
+Many bugs fixed in source package install
+Folding now works for xml files
+Fixed some styling errors for postscript files
+Fixed generated rtf documents display issue
+Incremental search works on Windows
+Goto line control now properly rejects non integer input (msw/gtk)
+Fixed cursor postioning bug when inserting lines via (Cmd+L) when CRLF is used

VERSION 0.1.28
DATE 06/15/2007
2nd Alpha Release

The main addition to the release is the plugin manager dialog it offers a complete
plugin management solution for the editor. The Configuration, downloading, and 
installation of plugins are all managed by this dialog. I also wrote a couple of
new plugins that can be downloaded and installed through the manager, so try it

Also introduced in this release is as a tool to help manage the workspace. 
The Perspectives manager will allow you to save any number custom workspace 
views than can be used from session to session. This new feature can be found 
in the View Menu.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+Plugin Manager for configuring, downloading, and installing plugins
+A new File Browser plugin is available for download through the new
plugin manager. It allows for quick file opening and bookmarking of
frequently used paths.
+Perspective management for managing custom workspace layouts and views
+Many minor performance enhancements
+Support for Lua, Fortran77, Fortran95
+RTF generator/exporter
+Massive performance improvements to Html/Latex generators
+Drag and Drop now accepts folders of files
+New Commands (Save All, Close All)
+New Formatting options (Convert Tabs to Spaces, Convert Spaces to Tabs, 
                         Trim Trailing Whitespace)
+Splash screen can be disabled
+Checks if other programs have modified the on disk file since the last
savepoint and prompts to see if it should be reloaded or resaved in the
case of it having been deleted.
+Mark tabs of modified files.
+If current page is empty and unmodified, opening a new file will open it
in the current page instead of a new page.
+Adjustable edge column guide
+MAC a more HIG compliant document icon

+Tab images now get set properly regardless of how file is opened
+Correct path handling in the Launch script
+Launch script now properly handles commandline args.
+Manual setting of lexer works for all lexer menu items
+MAC the notebook now refreshes properly when all have been closed
+MSW  update downloader window displays properly
+Clicking in text area now properly updates line/column status
+Drag and Drop now works with files that have non ascii characters in
their name/path.

DATE 05/24/2007
1st Alpha Release

  This is the first release in the alpha release series. The alpha releases will
probably continue until version 0.5.0 or so when the beta phase begins and 
most development energy will be shifted to stabilization of the editor and the 
api as well as improving performance to prepare for a 1.0 release. What can be 
expected during this alpha release series is the improvement of current features, 
a few new minor features and more thorough testing prior to a release which will 
lead to a more powerful, more stable and more usable program.

  The big addition to this version is the support for extensions to the editor
through plugins written in python. The plugins must be written and packaged
in a certain way for them to work, but the api is fairly easy to learn and
even easier to use. To learn more visit the documentation page at read the
plugins how to in the user documentation section. This version of the editor
comes with one plugin that can be used as an example of how to do things
as well.

  There is now a platform independent installer for Editra. It will install
Editra as a python package. To install Editra as a python package just issue
the following command from the command line in the source package base 

        python install

   This is of course assuming that python is on your path. On Windows you
may have to issue the command as follows. Where the XX is replaced with
the version number of python you have installed (i.e 24, 25, ect...)

        C:\\PythonXX\python.exe install

   This installation method is in its first iteration and probably has some 
compatibility issues, so please report bugs either on the bug tracker 
( or on the community page (
to help improve it.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+Extensibility through plugins written in python
+PyShell Plugin
+Source package build/install script (OS Independent Installer)
+Some minor improvements to the Windows Installer
+Improved OS X integration/behavior of applet
+More complete themeing support
+Improved UTF-8 and other non-ascii file handling
+Update Checker/Downloader (manual install is still required)
+Keyword helper now bound to Ctrl+K (Cmd+K on Mac)
+Minor refinement of the logging subsystem
+Improved (HTML, MASM, NASM, VB, Smalltalk) highlighting support
+LaTeX document generator
+Checks EOL characters and warns if mixed, otherwise preserves the EOL char
used by the document.
+Extended file type autodetection (checks the shebang(#!) line if there is one)
+Some minor UI enhancements, and a few new menu icons

+GTK keybinding for Undo
+GTK command bar display issues
+No more lost text when generating HTML
+Added some missing c-shell keyword definitions
+Added a missing style region definitions to the CSS, NSIS, HTML highlighters
+Fixed improper highlighting in Visual Basic Highlighter
+Style Editor preview window display issues
+Addressed numerous issues related to how the text is displayed in documents
 that don't have an associated lexer setting, or when highlighting is turned off.
+Opening a file from the command line with a relative path now works properly
+Tab images are set properly for files opened via command line
+MSW all menu icons now show properly
+All config directories are properly created on an upgrade/install