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Changlog for Alpha 0.2 releases


VERSION 0.2.90
DATE 03/15/2008
11th Alpha Release

  This release introduces a number of major new features and improvements 
throughout the editor. The biggest addition is the new bundled CodeBrowser 
plugin for browsing classes, functions, variables and other significant 
elements of a document. In this first release CodeBrowser has support for the 
filetypes (Ada, CSS, ini, batch, ESS, Fortran, Inno Setup Scripts, Lisp, Lua, 
NSIS, Perl, Php, Python, Shell Scripts, Tcl/Tk).

In addition to the CodeBrowser there are new updated versions many other 
plugins. Launch now has added support for (Ada, haXe, Php, and PostScript). 
The Projects plugin now has added support for using the Bazaar source control 
system in addition to some other minor feature additions. Another new version 
of FileBrowser is also shipped with Editra fixing some bugs from the previous 

As of this release Editra has now also been localized into Dutch and Simplified 
Chinese, other translations have also been updated. For more details on other 
changes and improvements please view the changelog below.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+New CodeBrowser plugin for browsing classes, functions, variables and other
significant objects in a code document.
+New version of Launch (add support for Ada, haXe, PHP, PostScript)
+New version of Projects Plugin (add support for Bazaar)
+Support for (Objective C, ActionScript, Scheme)
+Improved Perl and Lisp highlighting
+New version of FileBrowser with some minor fixes and enhancements
+Colorize Error and Warning messages in Log Viewer
+Use prefered font from preferences in Log and Launch output
+Notebook UI improvements
+Add option to automatically check for updates on startup
+Add menu mneomnics for navigating menus without mouse (gtk/msw)
+Added Dutch translation (contributed by Gerard Petersen)
+Added Simplified Chinese translation (contributed by heccj)
+Updated Russian translation (contributed by slavOnic)
+Updated German translation (by nireb, DR0ID)
+Updated Japanese translation

+Fix bug that would prevent opening files from command line or via drag/drop
+Editra Style Sheets allow fonts with non ascii characters in their names
+Editra Style Sheets parse error on fonts with spaces in their names
+Numerous minor unicode fixes throughout the editor
+Fix memory leak in the LogViewer and Launch
+Fix some dead object errors from improper event handling
+Fix BOM related file opening errors
+Php autocomment now works
+Error launching webbrowser from Editra under Windows
+Title bar correctly displays files modification status

Changes since last release:

VERSION 0.2.65
DATE 02/08/2008
10th Alpha Release

This release includes major improvements to the detection and handling of file
encodings and reporting of related errors when they happen. As part of this
enhancement support for magic encoding comments are now supported in the editor
for specifying an encoding for a document. The comment must be found on either
the first or second line of the file. All popular comment formats are supported,

example1: # -*- encoding: utf-8 *-*
example2: # vim: set fileencoding=latin-1 :
example3: # coding=utf-16

When no encoding is specified the default will be to use utf-8 for encoding text
when possible and falling back to other available system encodings when utf-8

There is also a new bundled plugin that is distributed with this release. The
plugin is called Launch ant it is the highly requested solution to be able to 
run scripts from within Editra. It currently supports most of the scripting
languages that Editra has support for and provides custom output parsing and
filtering for some languages such as python. The special output handling will
create hotspots on error messages in the output and allow you to instantly
navigate to the error by clicking on the hotspot.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+New bundled plugin "Launch" for running scripts and viewing output.
+Support for using C style (/* */) comments in Editra Style Sheets
+Improved syntax highlighting sample/test files
+Highlighting support for (Ferite, haXe)
+Use Softtabs by default
+Option to use backspace to dedent when in an indent region
+Support for magic comments as described in pep 0263 for setting the encoding
 of a document. If an encoding is not explicitly set the default will still be
 to use utf-8.
+Improved unicode support
+Option to set a preferred lexer for new files so highlighting and other 
features are automatically applied when starting a new buffer.
+New plugin "CommentBrowser" for listing and browsing TODO statements in the
current buffer is available.
+Two new icon themes available (Crystal Project and Ubuntoon)
+All existing icon themes have received some minor updates
+Improved Windows installer / Better Windows Desktop integration
+Log Viewer can filter messages based on their origin
+Updated Russian and Japanese Translations

+Fix bug with turning off syntax highlighting in the preference dialog
+Exiting Editra from a right click on the Windows taskbar saving invalid window
size and position for next launch.
+Add some missing Ruby keywords
+Jump word pre/next keybindings (Ctrl+<- and Ctrl+->) now work on Linux/Windows
+Shelf plugins that don't allow multiple instances are now correctly shown as
disabled in the Shelf menu when an instance is already open.


VERSION 0.2.50
DATE 01/19/2008
9th Alpha Release


I am happy to announce the first release of Editra for 2008. It has been a 
slightly longer that usual development cycle for this release so hopefully 
extra amount of work that went in will be visible. Here are some of the most 
notable points in this release, there is a new version of the bundled 
FileBrowser plugin that has been enhanced to be able handle most file system 
operations. There were also a number of UI and usability improvements made to 
the editor, as well as support for some new programming languages. Besides the 
new features and improvements there are a number of bugs that have been fixed 
to further stabilize the editor.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+Number of major enhancements to the FileBrowser plugin
+Support for highlighting PL/SQL and improved SQL highlighting (contributed by Thomas Keul)
+Support for highlighting (Boo, Pike) programming languages
+New highlighting color scheme "BlueMonday" (by Thomas Keul)
+Shift+Ctrl+I will toggle usage of Tabs and Soft Tabs.
+Shift+Ctrl+C to duplicate current line
+F3/Shift+F3 can be used as shortcuts for Find Next/Find Previous in the quick
 find bar. These bindings are in addition to the already existing 
 Enter/Shift+Enter ones.
+Number of General UI improvements
+Minor python autocompletion improvements
+Add German Translation (contributed by DR0ID)
+Updated Spanish and Japanese translations
+New logging system
+Proxy support for downloading plugins/updates
+LogViewer for viewing Editra's log output in the Shelf
+Number of new backend libraries to make developing plugins and other
enhancements easier.

+Fixed bug where potential infinite loop could happen when doing a replace all
+Fixed bug in handling Enter key in Quick Find bar on Windows
+Fixed graphical bug that occurred on osx after maximizing a window when multiple
windows are open.
+Fixed bug that caused a failure to exit when notebook has no pages
+Fixed paste to quick find control bug on gtk version
+Style editor raises error when setting multiple extra style attributes on the
default tag.
+Style editor slow input in preview window
+Properly save/restore indentation guides preferences between sessions
+Python autocompletion not working with python2.4
+Save preferences even when last window closed is not a main window
+Fixed unable to enter hex codes in style editor under gtk

-Removed support for Metal style windows on OS X


VERSION 0.2.29
DATE 12/01/2007
8th Alpha Release


This release contains a number of important bug fixes and and improvements to
existing features. Most notably is the major improvements that have been made to
the python autocompletion. Editra is now able to provide autocompletion tips for
most situations, including the local scope. It is still not perfect however so 
may not be able to provide tips under certain conditions but it is still a major
enhancement over the previous system.

Editra is also now distributed with wxPython as of version 2.8.7. So if you are
running the source versions, installing wxPython will also install Editra.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+Major improvements to python autocompletion
+Tab completion for command buffer Edit and Change Directory commands
+Style Editor now exports optimized stylesheets
+Automatic perspective mode for saving window state on exit
+Styles are more configurable with custom settings for text selection,
whitespace, and indentation guides now being configurable.
+New Blue color scheme for syntax highlighting can be enabled in preferences
+Russian translation of editor (contributed by Sergei Zivukov)

+Fixed a number of python2.4 compatibility issues
+Fixed bug in styling of code folding margin
+Fixed bugs in updating toolbar/menu items
+Only activate localization for locales that have translations available
+Default to crlf on windows for initial installs
+Fixed bug in management of search history items
+Fixed some minor bugs and consistancy issues in style editor
+Fixed error with getting page text of tabs


VERSION 0.2.15
DATE 10/30/2007
7th Alpha Release

This is mostly a bug fix release that resolves a number of issues throughout the
editor. Most notably are a correction to some performance issues on Mac OSX,
a number of UI related issues on Linux, and a fair number of fixes to the
Style Editor.

From this release onwards updating to the new version of Editra will no longer 
require you to reconfigure all of your preferences as profiles are now incrementally
updated so only settings that need to be changed or added are while not affecting
all the other saved settings.

There is also a number of new plugins available with this release, most notably
it is the first public release of the Projects plugin.  The Projects plugin 
transparently works with your file system and source control.  When you add a 
project (i.e., a directory) to the plugin, you can open files in the editor 
simply by double-clicking them in the tree view.  Files that are selected in 
the editor will automatically display in the tree view if that file exists in 
one of your registered projects.  In addition, the Projects plugin tracks files 
under source control (CVS, Subversion, and GIT).  The status of the file is 
displayed in the file's icon, and most source control operations are available 
from the right-click menu.  For more information on the plugin and it's 
configuration options see <>.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+Projects management plugin available through PluginManager.
+Icon themes are now part of the plugin system so themes can be created and
installed through the plugin manager using python eggs.
+New icon themes based on the Humility and Oxygen icon sets available through plugin manager.
+Improved highlighting for python (decorators are now supported)
+Support for highlighting (Edje EDC files, Gui4Cli, Inno Setup Scripts, KIX, Verilog)
+Support for highlighting DOT files (contributed by Rob McMullen)

+Fixed a performance related bug that was most notable Editra was running on OSX.
+Clipboard related keybindings on GTK version
+Many UI fixes for when running on GTK
+Fixed a bug in adjusting theme colors for systems using themes that have lots
of black in them.
+Fixed error when loading files was raised when trying to open files that don't
have read permission.
+Fixed laggy checkboxes in Preferences Dialog
+Fixed errors that are caused when trying to drop some data type objects on the
text control for drag and drop open, such as Mac OSX textClippings.
+Fixed a bug in that could cause a crash when opening the file dialog
+Fixed a number of bugs related to saving and loading custom user profiles
during run time.
+Toolbar items status is now properly shown at all times
+Fixed a number of bugs related to the style editors behavior and how it affects
the editor when changes are made.
+Fixed some layout issues with the update checker/downloader
+Fixed code folding for Pascal and Shell script files
+Fixed Editra Style Sheet parser error for style sheets that have Windows eol
characters in them.
+Fixed flickering of toolbar when changing icon themes
+Don't send clipboard events to text control when it is not the control with the
+Fixed flickering when opening new pages in the notebook, this was most noticeable
on Windows and GTK.
+FileBrowser plugin can now properly open files under the "Home directory" and
"Desktop" nodes.
+Fixed bug in CPP auto-commenting (patch from Rob McMullen)


DATE 09/29/2007
6th Alpha Release

This is the second major alpha release of Editra. It introduces a number of new 
features to the editor, the biggest change being that having multiple top level 
windows running under a single instance is now supported. In addition to the 
enhancements there have been a fair number bug fixes, thanks again to all who 
reported errors. More details can be viewed in the below changelog.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+Opening multiple toplevel windows is now possible
+Tabs can be dragged between windows
+Command Mode for sending commands to the editor, when using Vi emulation it
acts like an Ex command mode. (see documentation page for description of
available commands)
+Faster file loading
+Bidirectional Text Search
+Some performance improvements for text input speed
+Highlighting support for (Apache Config files, ini files, Erlang)
+Link to project documentation and help guides in Help Menu
+Shortcut to close quick find bar (ESC will now hide the bar)
+Command bar now automatically hides it self after most actions
+Improvements to the Style Editor
+Updates to all plugins to work with multiple windows
+Theme system extended to all program icons
+New icon theme available, derived from the Tango icon set (
+Improved file encoding detection and unicode handling
+Shelf visibility can be toggled with Ctrl+Alt+S
+Shelf Items are automatically assigned hotkeys Ctrl+Alt+(0-9)
+Added Abort button to the Error Reporter
+Spanish Translation of interface from Raul Gonzalez Duque.

+Fixed error raised when setting font from preferences dialog.
+Fixed session loading were files that had been deleted would be opened as new
+Fixed bug with find dialog on windows that arose under certain usage cases
+Ensure file handle valid when reloading files
+Many bug and behavior fixes in the Calculator plugin
+Unicode handling error in file history loading
+Filename decoding bug in MacOpenFile handler
+Plugins now properly show activation status in View Menu
+Don't lose bookmarks on file reload
+Show Shelf is only enabled when their are shelf related plugins activated
+Check that Editra is not running before starting installation on Windows to
avoid faulty installs from files that aren't able to be overwritten.
+Updater makes sure download file has a unique filename to avoid overwriting
existing files.
+Fixed a bug that could crash the editor when style sheets are exported to a 
location outside of where Edira can load them from.