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Changelog for Alpha 0.3 releases


VERSION 0.3.90
DATE 11/03/2008
16th Alpha Release

This is primarily a bug fix release which fixes a number of bugs. A few new
features and improvements have also been added to improve usability. This is
also the first release to be compatible with Python 2.6.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+Python 2.6 compatibility
+Updated CodeBrowser with support for C++ and D
+Updated Launch plugin with support for D
+Add option for enable/disable regex search in quick find bar
+Automatically expire status bar info messages after 10 seconds
+Persist 5 most recent search locations between sessions
+Add option to auto-trim trailing whitespace when saving file
+Add Valencian translation
+New version of Launch (add support for D)
+Improved OSX cursor movement keybinding compliance (patch from Joe Strout)
+Improved search output window to include search term and options in output

+Fix case where encoding can be None in when initializing the preference dialog
+Fix some issues with switching search direction
+F3 causing search to skip every other match when search bar has focus
+Fix bug in updating status after a conrol object was already deleted
+Fix bug related to ? being in keyword helper lists for some languages
+Handle invalid regular expressions in find dialog
+Fix a number of bugs in the new Find All search features
+Fix not being able to open files mounted to /Volumes on OSX
+Fix issue of window scrolling horizontally when restoring cursor position


VERSION 0.3.80
DATE 10/02/2008
15th Alpha Release

This release includes a number of major feature enhancements and bug fixes.
Most notably is the all new text searching and replacing feature. The entire
search backend was rewritten from scratch to to make a number of new searching,
replaceing, and file grepping features availble. Whole directories of files
can be grepped for matches, new convinient key shortcuts, and an improved ui
with a number of new configuration options are just the begining.

A large number of supported languages also now have improved auto-indent
support. Added support for some new programming languages, and much much, more.
See the below changelog for more details.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+New find/replace dialog
+Add Find All feature (Current Document, All open documents, in files)
+Add Replace All (Current Document, All open documents)
+Shortcut for Find Next (OSX: Cmd+G, Other: F3)
+Option to set prefered encoding to use when detecting/guessing fails
+Action for reloading file with a specified encoding
+New Syntax Highlighting Scheme 'BlackBoard'
+Improved auto-indent functionality for
    - ActionScript        - C              - CPP
    - CSS                 - C#             - D
    - Editra Style Sheets - Ferite         - Fortran 77
    - Fortran 95          - haXe           - Inno Setup Scripts
    - Java                - JavaScript     - Objective C
    - PHP                 - Pike           - Ruby
    - Squirrel            - TCL/Tk         - Vala
+Show Filetype and Encoding information in statusbar (from shaohao)
+Double click on statusbar line/column section opens goto line control (shaohao)
+Add support for newLISP (from Jeff)
+Add R and S highlighting support
+Add Czech translation (contributed by Tomas Fryda)
+Numerous general Ui improvements
+Add right click context menu to tab area for access to some quick file options
+Add Copy Full Path option (in tab context menu) to copy path of selected tab
+Add To Uppercase and To Lowercase items to text buffer context menu
+Shelf tabs can have icons in them
+Make configuration directory able to be placed in the installation location so
that user configuration settings can be portable if the app is installed on a
usb drive.
+Limit number of lines buffered by Editra Log to save memory
+New version of Launch plugin (support for html, newLisp, Inno Setup Scripts)

+Properly update titlebar and other contexts when page change is initiated from
an error hotspot in Launch window.
+Fix source installer not installing pygments package
+Fix focus not getting set to text buffer when switching tabs with ctrl+tab on
+Fix some issues with the ipc server failing to connect
+Fix some export issues in the Style Editor
+Escape will properly hide the goto line control when it has focus
+Add missing mac icons to source bundles
+Bookmark margin getting over flow from line number margin when the number of
lines in the document exceeds 10,000.
+Full line number not being visible when lines exceed 1,000,000
+Save As dialog not populating current file name under all execution paths
+Fix a number of bugs in the updater caused by website changes.


VERSION 0.3.38
DATE 08/07/2008
14th Alpha Release


This release adds a number of new features and is the start of a platform for
future enhancements. The main items added in this round are the enhancements to
the syntax management system to allow for extension through custom lexers and 
providing language specific auto-indentation support. The ground work of an
IPC server has also been added to allow for interprocess communication and some
remote control support for controlling Editra from other applications.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+Add IPC server for remotely controlling Editra and sending commands
+Add support for using container lexers to extend supported languages
+Add support for highlighting Mako and Django templates
+New version of CodeBrowser (Adds C and Ruby Support)
+New version of Launch (file to run can be selected without buffer change)
+Minor updates to FileBrowser
+Automatically fill search field with selected text in buffer when performing
a search action.
+Show Shelf menu command keybinding is now configurable
+Some Vi emulation improvements
+More responsive notebook tab scrolling
+Improved Python auto-indentation
+Opening files after program launch will now be opened in the running instance
instead of creating a separate running instance using the user preference
settings for opening new files in tabs or windows.
+Updated translations
+Shelf window tabs are now shown on the bottom to keep the shelf controls
closer to the editor buffer.
+Add Revert to Saved menu action for reverting a file back to the last save
+Option for hiding and showing tab icons
+Highlighting of Python builtins can be enabled by defining userkw_style
+Add support for multiple modifiers per style item in Editra Style Sheets.
+Add some unittests

+Add missing Portuguese locale files to setup script
+Fix some clipboard and dnd bugs
+Fix window scrolling issue when executing some vi commands
+Fix error when creating file position cache file fails
+Fix numerous Style Editor bugs
+Fix failure to abort processes running in Launch under some conditions


VERSION 0.3.15
DATE 06/15/2008
13th Alpha Release


This release was originally intended to be a minor bug fix release but has
expanded to include a number of new features and additions as well. The most
visual change is the new application icon that was designed and submitted to
the community forum by Kurt Schelin. 

All of the bundled plugins have recieved overhauls and updates. From this
version when the bundled plugins are updated the will only be available with
the updated Editra code as they are often only compatible with the most recent

NEW: [features/improvements]
+New application icon (designed by Kurt Schelin)
+Multi-line comments are foldable in C/CPP/D
+New version of CodeBrowser (improved python, added sql)
+New version of FileBrowser
+New version of Launch (add shortcut, custom colors, auto clear option)
+Interface font is configurable
+Add Norwegian Nynorsk Translation (contributed by JoNNeMaNN)
+Add French Translation
+Add Brazilian Portuguese Translation (contributed by Ricardo Crudo)
+Add Ukrainian Translation (contributed by Igor Chomko)
+New bundled style sheet 'Mocha'
+Improved context menu behavior
+Can toggle status bar visibility

+Add missing keywords for DOS Batch scripts
+Ensure text that is folded becomes visible when searching for it
+Save All action now properly updates tab status
+Replace All failing when begining of buffer matches search pattern.
+Replace All with Up flag set causing error to be raised
+Unable to load style sheets with mixed case lettering on gtk
+Don't try to provide autocomp/calltips when in a comment or string
+Shift+Click on a contracted node in fold margin now properly expands all sublevels
+Ctrl(Alt on Mac)+Click now properly does a recursive toggle of nodes
+Fix bug in not being able to revert key profile to default


DATE 04/25/2008
12th Alpha Release

  This release adds support for customizable keybindings and a keybinding
editor to the preferences dialog. The keybindings can be saved in multiple key
profiles to allow for switching keybindings on the fly.

  The bundled CodeBrowser plugin has received an update to include a number of
new languages and improvements to the previously existing ones. The Projects
plugin has also been updated to fix a number of bugs that were mostly visible
on the Windows platform.

NEW: [features/improvements]
+Configurable Keybindings and Keybinding editor
+New version of CodeBrowser with added support for
 (Ferite, haXe, Matlab, Octave, Scheme, System Verilog, Verilog)
+Add highlighting support for System Verilog (w/ help from Tim Corcoran)
+Add support for (C#, Vala, Squirrel)
+Improved support for (Caml, Objective C)
+Improved heuristics for guessing file encoding when regular detection fails
+Jump to matching Brace/Bracket command (default Ctrl+Shift+B)
+Combinded Add/Delete bookmark into single toggle action
+Add Serbian translation (contributed by Vladimir Lazic)
+Add Turkish translation (contributed by mustafa)
+Add Italian translation (contributed by Angelo)
+Improved api documentation
+Auto-(un)commenting support for Editra Style Sheets
+Fold Margin styling can be styled separate from rest of buffer
+Add option to set Indent Width separatly from Tab Width
+New bundled syntax highlighting style Dessert (contributed by Greg Allen)
+Option to highlight caret line

+Misc UI consistancy issues
+Add missing Objective C sample file for highlighting editor
+Add missing ActionScript sample file for highlighting editor
+Using 16x16 size toolbar icons on OSX
+Missing editra.ico file on source installs under Windows
+Handle PyDeadObjectErrors that can happen when one of the network threads
started in the PluginManager returns after the manager has been closed.
+Fix bug in failing to convert file paths to unicode when opening from command
+Improper highlighting of documentation keywords
+Saving maximized state of window on Exit