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<!-- Launch Xml Specification -->

<launch version="1">

   <!-- Defines a Launch handler
   name parameter is the file type name that the handler is associated with
   <handler name="Python" id="ID_LANG_PYTHON">

      <!-- List of commands that are available to the launcher
      default attribute specifies the default command to use
      <commandlist default="python">
         <!-- Commands that are available to be executed
         name attribute is the alias that will be shown in the dropdown list
         execute attribute is the actual command that will be run
         <command name="python" execute="python2.5 -u"/>
         <command name="pylint" execute="/usr/local/bin/pylint"/>

      <!-- Regular Expression patterns for highlighting error
      lines in the processes output
      <error pattern="File &quot;(.+)&quot;, line ([0-9]+)"/>

      <!-- Regular Expression for getting the filename and line number
      from text that is highlighted as an error. This is usually the same as
      the error pattern. This regular expression must have 2 groups in it the
      first group is the filename and the second is a digit for the line number.
      <hotspot pattern="File &quot;(.+)&quot;, line ([0-9]+)"/>