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FileBrowser Plugin for Editra
Author: Cody Precord
License: wxWindows

Version 1.7:
   - Use common ebmlib functions

Version 1.6:
    - More fixes for notebook sync feature

Version 1.5:

    - Fix crash due to improper page checking in notebook sync feature.
    - Fix crash on windows when clicking on search in directory menu.

Version 1.4:

    - Api compatibility changes.
    - Search in Directory context menu option.
    - Fix bug that could happen in notebook notification of page change when
      all pages have been closed in the notebook.

Version 1.3:

    - Fix platform detection for trash function when running on Vista

Version 1.2:

    - Navigate through filebrowser with keyboard.
    - Minor UI changes

Version 1.1:

    - Fix not being able to open files from Home and Desktop nodes on gtk when
      localizations are enabled.
    - Fix notebook syncronization where sometimes it would jump to root

Version 1.0:

    - Fix not being able to open files on drives mounted to Volumes on OSX
    - Fix expanding/contracting folders with double click on Gtk/OSX

Version 0.9:

    - Syncronize browser to file when first shown

Version 0.8:

    - Add Bookmark Selected Paths command to context menu
    - Syncronize path in tree with currently selected notebook page
    - Fix some translation strings

Version 0.7:

    - Syncronize icons with theme changes in Editra
    - Minor compatibility fixes
    - Menu item being improperly checked under some use cases

Version 0.6:

    - Number of Ui improvements
    - Added right click menu for performing file system operations
        - Open in Editor
        - Open with system filemanager
        - Show file in system filemanager
        - Get File Info
        - Rename File
        - New Folder
        - New File
        - Duplicate File
        - Create compressed zip archive of file/folder
        - Move to Trash/Recycle Bin
    - Rename files by clicking on lables
    - Fixed bug in behavior of opening files and navigating directories

Version 0.5:

    - Fix bug with opening files on gtk

Version 0.4:

    - Bug Fixes
    - New button for bookmark menu

Version 0.3:

    - Bug Fixes

Version 0.2:

    - Bug Fixes

Version 0.1:

    - Initial Release