wxPython / wx / tools / Editra / tests / syntax / Xtext.xtext

    Syntax Highlighting test file for Xtext language.
grammar simpleStateMachine with someOtherGrammar hidden(WS, ML_COMMENT, SL_COMMENT)
import "" as ecore
generate simpleStateMachine ""

/* This is multiline comment with 
    a nested comment.
    /* Nested

// Terminals
terminal ML_COMMENT	: '/*' -> '*/';
terminal SL_COMMENT 	: '//' !('\n'|'\r')* ('\r'? '\n')?;

terminal WS			: (' '|'\t'|'\r'|'\n')+;

// Parser Rules
    "machine" name=ID ";"
    (states+=State)*   // testing CrossRef support in codebrowser

    "state" name=ID ";"

    "for" input=STRING oldState=[State] "->" newState=[State]
        ("out" output=STRING)?

// Enumeration
enum EnumerationTest:
	second="SECOND" | 
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