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 # Lexer Test File for Basser Lout
 # Some Comments about this file
 # Use the `doc' document class and its default style.
 @SysInclude { doc }
   @InitialFont { Times Base 10p }
 # Beginning of document contents.
 @Text @Begin
 # Paragraph with a number of differen't keywords, symbols and strings in it
 Hello Word this is a paragraph.  One can easily embed @B { bold } or
 @I { italic } text.  One can also easily change the style of 
 text, such as { Helvetica Base } @Font { changing the font
 being used } Here is a string @Code "@Font" and a string that
 is not closed @Code "@Font.
 @Section @Title { The First Section }
 This is the content of a section.
 @End @Section
 @End @Text
 # End of the document.